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Photo Shoot for an Online Magazine- Litrof

Hollywood Bathing Beauties are synchronizing swimmers and I worked with them on  few projects. I was happy to shoot with these girls again. The theme was 1950’s and 1960’s, so big hair and dark eye make up.

Tamar Levine photography’s style for this shoot had an eerie twist, she wanted to play on the Esther Williams movies with a vintage feel. The bad weather and pouring rain helped add to her photos. The Hollywood Bathing Beauties were such troopers  because it was freezing and pouring. These photos below were issued in Litrof Magazine in March 2012.

Photographer: Tamar Levine
Stylist: Tashina Hunter
Hairstylist: Marybeth Bagonghasa
Makeup: Jane Phu
Assistant: Samantha Zachrich
Models: The Hollywood Bathing Beauties



My Perfect Engagement!!!

I’m Engaged!!!!!!

Here goes our story…

Our friends Michael and Chrystine recently got married and had a pre-honeymoon with all of the wedding party in Hawaii. Archi was one of the groomsmen and I was the wedding party’s hair and makeup stylist.

Our group had 19 people, and it was my first time in Hawaii, so I was so excited to explore with so many great friends. We had an amazing time going to different places, eating good foods and hanging out with each other.

Long story short, on our last day in Hawaii, we took a hike to a waterfall. It was a 2-hour hike that was breathtaking and once we got to the waterfall, Archi wanted us to jump off the cliff. I told him I would only jump if he jumps with me, because I’m not the best swimmer. Anyway, the only person in the group that knew Archi was going to propose was Michael. So when Archi and I were at the top of the waterfall about to jump off, he suggests Michael take a picture of us before we jump. And then Archi got on his knees. At that moment, I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. It totally caught me off guard and I was shaking; everything happened so fast.

On his knees, Archi popped the questioned asking, “Will you marry me!?” After 6 years of our trials and tribulations, none of it mattered because it boiled up to that moment. Of course I said yes, and now we are engaged! That moment changed everything and I am so blessed to have such a beautiful memory to share with all my family and friends. Even better, we have a picture of the whole proposal, with Archi down on one knee! And I will never forget how special Archi made me feel, I love you honey! Proposals are important and it doesn’t have to be at the top of the waterfall, but every couple should definitely make it their own and memorable! Thank you Mike and Chrystine for making this trip happen!

Michael and Chrystine- Skirball Cultural Center, CA

Michael and Chrystine held their wedding at the Skirball Cultural Center, near the Getty Museum. It was such a perfect spot for the couple.

The bride and bridal party stayed at the Luxe Sunset Blvd and I arrived there wedding day morning to prep the ladies for the big day. I brought an assistant Oanh Truoung, to do the girl’s hair, while I did the makeup. There were about 9 girls in total, who needed our services.Chrystine was such a calm and composed bride. She even had time to meditate, while the other girls were getting their hair and makeup done. After seeing her composure, I definitely recommend all brides to meditate or find some time for them to really prepare for their special day.

After all the morning preparation, we finally saw Chrystine’s dress and it was absolutely breathtaking. I immediately couldn’t wait for the ceremony to start and see her walk down the aisle. It’s always a proud and joyful moment when I get to see the brides I worked on walk down the aisle because I see how happy and beautiful they look. I feel really honored to be apart of such a special celebration in their lives.

The groom, Michael Dimagela, may look familiar, as he is part owner of the White Rabbit Food Truck. The White Rabbit brand has been featured on Man vs. Food and other food channels. Michael is also a really good friend and one of my regular clients, as I’m his hair stylist. Their wedding was very organized and so much fun, partly because they had an amazing wedding planner Shirley Han, from Fresh Events Company. Michael and Chrystine also hired an amazing videographhy team Zero Image Studio, located in San Diego and below is their video.

Here are some behind the scene photos that Archi had captured.


James and Joanne- Newport Beach, CA

You might notice Chef James Du from the famous white rabbit truck/cafe, or have seen him on today’s famous food channels. He’s an amazing chef, but also a really good friend.

I was hired to do his (now) wife Joanne’s makeup and hair for both the engagement shoot and their wedding day.  It was such a beautiful celebration on a ship and I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to become closer to Joanne and James during the whole wedding ordeal. The couple has been together for so many years and I was so pleased to witness and contribute to such a special celebration.  James came up to me that day and told me his wife looked beautiful and that made me feel great! That is why I love what I do =). Their wedding, in a nutshell, was fun, emotional, memorable, sweet and straight to the point.

Along side me was my other half, Archi Prudencio, who did an amazing job capturing the beautiful moments. Below are some of the pictures.

Congratulations James and Joanne!

Joanne’s Wedding Trial

Hey all!  Normally I wouldn’t showcase a wedding trial photo, however Joanne is happily married now and I’m going to start showcasing these type of photos so future clients can see my process prior to the special day.   Photographed by Archi Prudencio

A Wedding trial is spending time and figuring out what are the client’s needs in terms of the perfect look for the wedding day.  This is usually done 1 month prior to the event.  I like this time the most because I get to build my relationship with the client and make sure they are comfortable with me and feel confident.

Thank you Joanne, for giving me the opportunity!